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A somewhat different kind of summer

In Nova Scotia the pandemic restrictions are loosening up a bit, so we are now booking adventure play dates for the summer. There will be fewer dates than usual available per week, so we can keep materials clean.

If you are interested to book a play session for an early learning centre, summer day camp, birthday party, etc.. please Contact Us as soon as possible to secure your date.

Online PD sessions are still available on request. In-person programs can be arranged if you have the space for attendees to maintain appropriate physical distancing.

Courses coming up

Check the online calendar at the NSCECE for upcoming courses on War, Weapon and Super-Hero Play!

Material will be presented on stages of play development, current research on this controversial topic, and lots of time for discussion of our concerns, as well as examples of what is happening in our current situations. There are two dates, one for early childhood educators (Jan 28) and one for those working in school-age programs (Feb 18). Hope to see you there!

The less-busy season

Well, it’s the fall and things tend to slow down on the loose parts front for a while.

During the fall and winter we are still available for adventure play sessions on PD Days, at early education centres, and after-school programs. If the weather is really nasty, make sure you have a gym or classroom available where we can setup instead of being outside. While we are fine to play outside if it’s damp, foggy, dribbly, or windy, nobody enjoys being really soaked for over an hour!

This time of year we are looking around for new loose parts to add to the collection, sorting through the ‘stuff’ to weed out the really-broken, and presenting professional development programs. Give us a call or send an email if you are interested to learn more about the programs we offer!