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The less-busy season

Well, it’s the fall and things tend to slow down on the loose parts front for a while.

During the fall and winter we are still available for adventure play sessions on PD Days, at early education centres, and after-school programs. If the weather is really nasty, make sure you have a gym or classroom available where we can setup instead of being outside. While we are fine to play outside if it’s damp, foggy, dribbly, or windy, nobody enjoys being really soaked for over an hour!

This time of year we are looking around for new loose parts to add to the collection, sorting through the ‘stuff’ to weed out the really-broken, and presenting professional development programs. Give us a call or send an email if you are interested to learn more about the programs we offer!

Wow, where did the Summer go?!

Can’t believe it’s already August. We’ve had some great adventures so far this summer – hope you are too! Thanks to Roots & Boots Forest School, Indian Point Young Naturalists’ Club, University Childrens’ Centre at Dalhousie, and WJCC Summer Camp, among others, for hosting loose parts play in all kinds of environments and play spaces!

It was great to see lots of folks were out supporting the Summer of PLEY events! I was able to take in a couple things on the last day, and got to meet Dr Brussoni, which was really cool. Check out Play Outside NS for more information on the PLEY project – TwitterFacebookweb page.

#Campference2019 was awesome!

What a great event!  It was fabulous to meet almost 100 other people from 8 countries that do playwork in such a wide variety of ways!  I learned that what I do is called “play ranging”, because I take my gear with me on the road, instead of hosting an adventure playground. It was awesome to know that what I do is actually a “thing”!  About 3/4 of the attendees made a presentation of some sort, so there was lots of sharing and learning and business cards exchanged.

Came home with lots of photos, pages of notes, and even got to help with some construction at the Parish School’s Adventure Playground.

Can’t take credit for this one – this is Maggie’s work!

I got to help put up a phone pole!