Our Team

Tanya M
Team Lead at T K Adventure Play

Tanya is an ambassador for the importance of unstructured loose parts play for children’s successful growth & development. In 2018 Tanya completed the Playworker Development Course, through Pop-up Adventure Play in the U.K., where “Playworker” is actually a job title! It’s one that requires a four-year degree that’s not available in Canada, so we call what we do “Play Ranging”, as we take our loose parts to you, rather than you having to come to a particular place.
Tanya got into the “loose parts” business in 2012 upon meeting Beverlie Dietze while they were both working for Mount Saint Vincent University. Tanya & Beverlie collaborated on several projects, leading to lots of learning, the growth of an ‘at home’ loose parts collection that got lots of great reviews and feedback from her two sons and their friends, and Tanya’s Twitter feed: @TMox_NS.
In 2016, while working with the Halifax Regional Centre for Education’s “Excel” program (Before & After School Care), she was invited to ‘take the [loose parts] show on the road’ to introduce the concept to 18 Excel programs. That venture led to visiting every Excel site the following year, having registered T K Adventure Play as a business. Sixty-five schools and many more visits to early childhood centres, summer camps, parties, after-school programs and a variety of community events and even farmers’ markets have demonstrated the value of loose parts play in our region!
Although repeat visits are certainly welcome, part of our mission here at T K Adventure Play is to help places that support kids’ play to build their own loose parts collection that can be used every day. When you book a session, one of our leave-behinds is a ‘shopping list’ to help you start and maintain your own collection.

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