At T K Adventure Play we provide loose parts adventure play sessions wherever kids play!  This includes (but isn’t limited to) early education centres, day camps, after school programs, pop-up events at public playgrounds, and birthday parties.

We also offer professional development for educators who work with child up to 12 years of age, on the importance of unstructured loose parts play for children. Our sessions are practical and hands-on, helping you to consider theory, impacts on your practice, and how to implement loose parts play in the outdoors at your site.

What are “loose parts”?

Loose parts are:

  • natural or synthetic materials that can be:
    • moved, redesigned, carried, combined, lined up, taken apart and put back together.

We bring our loose parts collection to your site, allowing opportunities for deep and imaginative play. The collection includes items such as milk crates, rope, sheets and pieces of colourful fabric, large pipes, and tools for digging.

What is a “loose parts adventure play session”?

Children need at least 45 minutes to enter into the kind of deep play that loose parts can provide, so an adventure play session for up to 30 children is at least an hour long (leaves time for clean-up!). If you want to see the most benefit from a loose parts play session, plan to allow the children to play for a whole morning or afternoon. This will give time for play to evolve, for children to move around between play areas, work with others they might not normally collaborate with, and enter into negotiations over use of various materials.

The materials we have can be used by up to 30 children at one time, as they will usually be working in small groups that change and evolve as the play progresses.

Benefits of a “loose parts adventure play session”

Learn more about what an Adventure Play session looks like

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What does it cost?

Basic pricing for play sessions is $75 for the first hour and $25 for each additional hour, but please Contact Us directly for a site-specific quote, as there are a variety of factors to consider.

We don’t charge for public events such as school or community fairs if no admission is being charged for the event. If you are interested to host a “pop-up play” event in your community, give us a call – we can help you collect materials, publicize your event, and train your volunteers!