An Adventure Play session looks like…

An Adventure Play session begins when a site contacts our team to make a booking. At that time, our team will collect some information from you about your location, your site, and the children in your care. This will include age range, numbers, and whether there are any special needs to be considered.

On the date of the session, our team will arrive 15-20 minutes before the scheduled start time, in order to set up the outdoor space and speak with your staff. The staff will receive a brief orientation about what to expect. A handout will be provided for the site staff to copy so that each child participating can take home some information about loose parts to help those at home to understand what happened today.

When the children arrive at the play site, they will receive a brief orientation to the session and the materials. This includes three basic rules: they are expected to look after their own safety and that of the children around them, as well as respecting the materials so that others can use them in the future. Then they are ‘set loose’ to use the materials as they wish. This is usually a boisterous and chaotic time filled with laughter and great ideas. Staff are encouraged to get involved and particularly listen to the different kinds of words and actions that children are using compared to more structured play sessions and games.

Fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled end of the session, the participants will be informed that the session is coming to the end. Ten minutes later everyone will work together to clean up and return all the materials to one place so they be returned to our team leader’s vehicle.