The Importance of Adventure Play for Children

There is a great and growing quantity of evidence on the importance of unstructured outdoor play for children. You can find links to lots of it on our Twitter feed at

To help promote and provide opportunities for children to engage in such play, in 2015 Tanya joined a volunteer group called Adventure Play YHZ. This group tries to provide occasional “pop-up play” events in the Halifax area, and is also working toward the establishment of an adventure playground in Halifax. The Facebook page managers (Tanya is one of them) post links to research about the importance of outdoor play, great play spaces like the new Dingle Tower playground and Middle Musquodoboit’s Nature Play Space (both reviewed here by fellow Adventure Play YHZ member Alex Smith of PlayGroundology) and upcoming events where adults can learn more, and/or they can bring kids to play.

We started getting messages to the page last summer about whether someone could bring a ‘pop-up’ playground to their early education centre / summer day camp / after school program, etc… Tanya undertook to meet the demand as much as was possible, and the feedback was very positive. This year T.K. Adventure Play is expanding the service and will start accepting bookings on April 3 for morning visits in May and June and for morning or afternoon visits in July and August.

Check the Calendar for available dates, then use the Contact Us page to request cost information or make a booking request.