#Campference2019 was awesome!

What a great event!  It was fabulous to meet almost 100 other people from 8 countries that do playwork in such a wide variety of ways!  I learned that what I do is called “play ranging”, because I take my gear with me on the road, instead of hosting an adventure playground. It was awesome to know that what I do is actually a “thing”!  About 3/4 of the attendees made a presentation of some sort, so there was lots of sharing and learning and business cards exchanged.

Came home with lots of photos, pages of notes, and even got to help with some construction at the Parish School’s Adventure Playground.

Can’t take credit for this one – this is Maggie’s work!

I got to help put up a phone pole!


Lots of Adult Education happening….

It hasn’t been a busy winter for play dates, as the weather has provided us with an astonishing amount of ice on the ground. On the up side though, I have had several opportunities to present professional development programs to ECE and recreation staff in a few different venues around Halifax. Loose Parts 101 continues to be popular, but I’ve also developed a 2 hour module on ‘rough and tumble play’ at the request of an early learning centre. That module is now generally available to other centres.


Wow, busy summer!

Well, that was a busy summer, and talk about great weather!  We visited all kinds of camps, birthday parties, early learning centres and playgrounds. We played with kids from 18 months to 12 years old, got wet and dirty, and had a blast!

The re-usable water balloons that I found time to crochet were a big hit, both at home with my boys and on the road on hot days. I’m told they make a most satisfying *splat* without hurting the target!

If you want to get in on the action next spring / summer / fall, check back here around April 1 to book your dates!